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The programs and services that we offer not only benefit the women that we serve, they also have a positive downstream impact on businesses that recognize, promote and reward qualified female talent for the betterment of the organization. Furthermore, our society is strengthened by the gifts and talents that the women we serve gives back to the world. We specialize in coaching, mentoring, career planning, professional development, and business maximizer services for women solopreneurs and freelance professionals. Not only do we deliver value-added services to individuals who are seeking growth, forward movement and positive outcomes, we help our clients shift their perspectives and discover different approaches to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Personal Effectiveness Coaching Services

Personally You

Balance YOUR Life | Find YOUR Path | Start YOUR Journey

Are limiting beliefs such as self-doubt, low levels of self-confidence or a lack of self-worth crippling you or holding you back from being the best version of yourself?

Do you struggle with cognitive distortions such as, All or Nothing Thinking, Negative Mental Filters or Blame and Personalization?  

What’s getting in the way of investing in yourself and taking the steps and actions needed to live your best life now?  If you believe that less than your best is not good enough, then we encourage and invite you to seek self-actualization, lean into your life vision and transform.  

Our proven coaching model is grounded in action-oriented activities that lead to tangible outcomes.

  • Greater levels of personal effectiveness.
  • Increased capacity for change.
  • Achievement of short and long-term goals.

Check out our proprietary Coaching and Change Model here.

Career Pathways coaching services

Career Pathways

Meaningful Work + Talent = Successful Career

Are you using your talents and skills in a career that you love?  Is it time for you to transition to another career, but you're either not motivated or not sure where to start?

Are you struggling with getting the position of your dreams or want to proactively prepare for advancement opportunities?  

No matter your career stage - recent graduate, early, mid to late career or ‘nearing’ retirement - our Career Pathways Coaching Services are uniquely designed to address the needs of career professionals and will allow you to:

  • Develop your career vision aligned with your values;
  • Provide a space and assessment tools for you to identify your talents, specialized and transferable skills, as well as strengths;
  • Establish and leverage your personal brand;
  • Build your self-confidence while gaining practical strategies and tips that will prepare you for every career stage and circumstance;

You don't have to stay where you are. If you want to take hold of your career, the starting point is scheduling a Discovery! consultation. Embrace the change that is right around the corner.

Check out our proprietary Coaching and Change Model here.

professional Prestige Coaching Services

Professional Prestige

Preparation | Self-Confidence | Fulfillment

Are you a professional trying to climb the corporate ladder and struggling to get into the management and leadership ranks? Are you seeking to improve your professional presence and unsure of how to stand out as a leader?  Maybe you are new to your role and want to improve your level of self-awareness, self-confidence or sharpen your talent toolbox.

Don't settle for being a mediocre manager or leader. You have the ability to lead from your truest self.

What drives you is what drives us! Inspiring and helping you to improve your leadership skills or professional effectiveness as your coach and advocate is what fuels our passion.

Our keen focus is on ensuring that we support our clients in their efforts to identify, embrace, and maximize their dreams and desires; their skills and their talents in an effort to achieve extraordinary results.  

Check out our proprietary Coaching and Change Model here.

coaching Services

Enneagram Roadmap for Growth

Endless Possibilities | You Are Ready | Believe and Begin

Do you Feel Unmotivated: Are you experiencing patterns in your life that you can't seem to break, whether in relationships, career or personal growth, but are unsure about the genesis of these behaviors? Are you perpetuating generational cycles of negative traits, habits, and behaviors that you swore would never be repeated?

Do You Feel Like Your Life is on Pause: Have you delayed taking the next step to live your own life, and don't know where to start? In your heart, do you believe that you are so much more than the limited narrative that you tell yourself?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, read on to learn about the Enneagram of Personality System.

The Enneagram is an ancient personality system that teaches us that there are nine basic personality types, one of which we gravitate towards and adopt in childhood as a way to survive, feel safe and cope within our environment. Most of the behavioral patterns that we display day to day are both habitual and unconscious. The Enneagram offers us insight into ourselves - our core motivation and fears, what we do and why we do it - as well as our relationship with others.
No matter where you’ve been; whether you’ve accomplished a little or a lot, it’s never too late to take that right next step to live your best life. We offer a 90-minute Enneagram Essentials Typing Experience for those who do not know their Enneagram type.

If you want to continue your growth journey, we offer six coaching sessions through our Enneagram Growth and Possibility Journey that will enable you to gain greater self-awareness, improve relationships, and proactively realize personal growth and transformation.

Learn more details about our packages by requesting a Discovery! consultation via our Contact page.

Who should attend:
Early career, Mid-Career, Career Transitioners

Workshop Offering
Coming to a location in Detroit in 2020!

Check out our proprietary Coaching and Change Model here.

Solopreneur and
Freelance Professional Maximizer Program

Solopreneur & Freelance
Professional Maximizer

Goal-Oriented | Optimistically Driven | Successful Attainment

Are you a woman solopreneur or freelance professional laser focused on optimizing your talent and skills in a single area that represents your compelling passion?

Do you spend countless hours trying to build your operation but need help bringing your business concept to life?

If your current mindset is to remain a solopreneur and you’re seeking assistance in the areas listed below, then the PPNE Maximizer Program is just what you need.

Master your purpose!  Schedule a Discovery! consultation today.

  • Clarify and leverage your unique talents and package your skills into a business that attracts clients.
  • Gain strategies on how to build your business plan, identify your target client and cultivate essential business partnerships and alliances.
  • Determine how to execute on your vision, have low overhead and achieve your business goals while maintaining the freedom and lifestyle that you dream about.

Check out our proprietary Coaching and Change Model here.

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