Purposeful Pursuits, led by and for women, provides professional coaching services that support and enable women from all walks of life who are capable and ready for change and transformation. We are mission driven. Our aim is to empower those we serve by offering personal life coaching, career coaching, leadership and executive coaching that will allow our clients to increase their personal effectiveness, performance, and maximize their potential for growth to live their best lives.
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We provide value-added services to those who are seeking to get unstuck, and achieve extraordinary results in their personal lives, careers, and solopreneurships. Through our four-step coaching process, our clients experience awareness, clarity, motivation & confidence. Most importantly, they increase their self-awareness, deepen their learning, and improve their performance.  Our coaching framework is grounded in a proven model of change. Our model has been developed by leveraging over 25 years’ experience focused on career development, leadership practicum and skill enhancement, professional coaching, organization development and change management expertise. We inspire our clients to maximize their personal and professional potential; improve their effectiveness and capacity for change and realize their short/long-term goals.

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