Our research activity is centered around current statistics related to gender bias.  According to the 2018 study conducted by McKinsey & Company in partnership with LEAN INcorporation, women are underrepresented at every level in corporate America. Women are less likely to be hired into entry level jobs and less likely to be promoted to manager. Two-thirds of managers end up being men compared to only one third of women (Titled: A Lean In Podcast, December 2018).

The women's leadership gap is real. Our goal is to make that look vastly different in the future. With intentionality, we invest in female professionals, enabling them to increase their preparedness for leadership and advancement opportunities. This is our passion. We are laser focused on helping women strengthen their personal and professional effectiveness. The time is now!

Research Initiative

Women Win, our research effort kicking off in September 2020, is focused on gaining awareness and understanding of the impact that professional career coaching can have on female (ages 23-31) emerging leaders of tomorrow.  This effort will begin with conducting a focus group with a select group of our target audience. The focus group will inform the next stage of the WWIN research effort with the goal of providing complimentary coaching sessions and professional development opportunities to young female professionals, over a period of time, to demonstrate the positive impact and outcomes that can occur relative to their career trajectory/projection (e.g., time, position, salary, job level) and personal/professional effectiveness.

Only a select number of individuals will be provided this opportunity and will need to meet the required qualifications.

Check back periodically for updates related to the WWIN research initiative!

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